A manufacturing partner to the world’s largest retailers and brands

Since 1993, KIK has successfully grown from a single plant operator in retailer branded (private label) bleach, to the leading independent manufacturer in the HPC and OTC categories and the global leader in pool and spa additives.  In entering these segments, KIK capitalized on an opportunity to leverage its core manufacturing and marketing competencies to drive scale in previously fragmented industries. Subsequent to entering each market opportunity, KIK established leading positions through a combination of organic growth initiatives and strategic add-on acquisitions.

KIK's Evolution

1993 to 2001

Building a national private label bleach platform (“Household”)

1993: KIK starts as a single manufacturing facility with 100 employees in Concord, Ontario, producing private label bleach

1996 – 2000: KIK builds North American network of private label bleach plants through a series of 8 acquisitions

2001 to 2011

Expansion into contract manufacturing (“Custom”)

2005: KIK adds contract manufacturing platform through acquisitions of plants from CCL Industries and AccraPac Group

2007: KIK strengthens contract manufacturing platform through OSG acquisition

2011 to 2015

Diversification into pool and spa additives (“Pool”)

2011: KIK enters pool and spa additives platform through ChemLab acquisition

2013: KIK acquires BioLab and signs licensing agreement with the Clorox Company to launch CloroxTM branded pool and spa products

2015: KIK acquires Marietta Corp to develop Specialty Solutions (Guest Amenity) division