A manufacturing partner to the world’s largest retailers and brands

Since 1993, KIK has successfully grown from a single plant operator in retailer branded (private label) bleach, to become a leading independent manufacturer in the HPC and OTC categories, a global leader in pool and spa additives and a leading provider of automotive antifreeze/coolant, performance chemicals and appearance products. In entering these segments, KIK capitalized on opportunities to leverage its core manufacturing and marketing competencies to drive scale in previously fragmented industries. Subsequent to entering each category opportunity, KIK was able to establish leading positions through a combination of organic growth initiatives and strategic add-on acquisitions.

KIK's Evolution

1993 to 2001

Building a national private label bleach platform (“Household”)

1993: KIK starts as a single manufacturing facility with 100 employees in Concord, Ontario, producing private label bleach

1996 – 2000: KIK builds North American network of private label bleach plants through a series of 8 acquisitions

2001 to 2008

Expansion into contract manufacturing and private label cleaners

2005 and 2007: KIK adds and expands contract manufacturing platform through acquisitions of businesses and manufacturing facilities

Expansion of Household business into private label cleaners

2011 to 2014

Diversification into pool and spa treatment products (“Pool”)

2011: KIK enters pool and spa treatment products business through acquisition of Chem Lab Product

2013: KIK signs licensing agreement with The Clorox Company to launch Clorox® Pool&Spa™ branded pool and spa treatment products

2013: KIK acquires Bio-Lab, expanding its pool and spa treatment products business within the United States, and to Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

2015 to Present

Expansion into adjacent categories and brand acquisitions

2015: KIK acquires Marietta to develop hospitality business, operating as Marietta Hospitality

2015: KIK acquires the Bullfrog®, Ocean Potion® and NoAd® sun care brands to create a personal care business unit division called SolSkyn Personal Care LLC

2016: KIK enters the automotive category through the acquisition of the Prestone® and Holts® businesses, specializing in automotive antifreeze/coolant, performance chemicals and appearance products

2016: KIK acquires the Purox® brand of chlorinating liquid for pools in Canada

2016: KIK acquires CBI Laboratories, Inc., a custom manufacturer focused on skin care products serving the health and beauty industry

2017: KIK acquires the SYNaqua® and PoolsBest® brands in the German pool chemicals category

2017: KIK acquires the Sunbelt Pool Chemicals business, to expand its capabilities as a manufacturer and distributor of pool chemicals, cleaners, and windshield wash in the United States

2017: KIK acquires Lavo, a Canadian manufacturer and marketer of laundry and cleaning products

2018: KIK acquires James Austin Company, a U.S. manufacturer of household cleaning, pool and automotive products

2018: KIK acquires certain assets and rights of the household cleaning brands: Comet®, Spic and Span®, Chore Boy®, Cinch® and Chlorinol®

2019: KIK acquires NC Brands L.P., a leading provider of specialty chemicals and related products for recreational pools and spas in North America and a pioneer in using naturally-based enzyme technology in pool and spa water care.