KIK Custom Products Participates in Carbon Disclosure Project


KIK Custom Products Participates in Carbon Disclosure Project

Continues Focus on Sustainability Initiatives

August 2009 – KIK Custom Products’ (“KIK”) continues to focus on sustainability opportunities and initiatives that strengthen customer partnerships, improve operations and reduce manufacturing impact on the environment. As part of its sustainability strategy, the Company recently completed its first year of participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (“CDP”).

The CDP is an independent not-for-profit organization, which holds the largest database of corporate climate change information and greenhouse gas emissions data in the world. Since its formation in 2000, CDP has become the gold standard for carbon disclosure methodology and process.

As a participant in the CDP’s Corporate Supply Chain Program, KIK undertook a comprehensive review and measurement of primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions, including direct emissions from manufacturing and on-site transportation sources, as well as secondary or indirect emissions from electricity usage. This data is available to KIK’s customers who participate in the CDP for use in life cycle analysis and in calculating the carbon footprint of a product’s entire supply chain. KIK is committed to annual participation in the CDP Program and will be developing improvement targets based on the baseline data obtained this year.

Participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Supply Chain Program is just the latest in a series of sustainability initiatives that KIK has implemented in recent years. Since 2006, KIK manufacturing facilities have been developing and adopting unique solutions for their sites to increase recycling, reduce waste and pollution, and reduce resource consumption. The Company recycles thousands of pounds of production and packaging materials each year. Packaging design innovations have resulted in the conservation of over one million pounds of resin and tens of thousands of pounds of virgin corrugate annually. Resource consumption has been significantly reduced by upgrading equipment and power supply, using rainwater in production processes, and recycling wastewater into production.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility has been defined as one of KIK’s six core values. The Company recognizes the importance of continuous improvement, customer partnerships, and the involvement of every employee in helping to make Sustainability a way of doing business and a competitive advantage.

  • 4 Aug, 2009
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