Supplier Code of Conduct

This Supplier Code of Conduct is a reflection of the integral values and policies of KIK Custom Products Inc. and its direct and indirect subsidiaries (“KIK”) and therefore applies to all vendors/suppliers of KIK, as well as their sub-tier suppliers and subcontractors (collectively “Suppliers”).
Suppliers are required to comply with this Code of Conduct and cause their respective suppliers and subcontractors to comply with it as well. A signed supplier agreement, acceptance of a purchase order and/or provision of goods or services to KIK constitutes acceptance of this Code of Conduct and serves as a Supplier’s continuing affirmation of compliance.

1. Compliance with all Laws

Suppliers will comply with all legislation applicable to their business, workers and products, including those relating to environmental compliance, health and safety, labor and immigration.

2. Labor and Employment Practices

Suppliers shall retain workers based on their ability to perform their job and confirm their age and their right to work. Workers shall not be required to lodge original identification papers or monetary deposits on starting work. Suppliers shall ensure their workers are compensated fairly for all hours worked in accordance with applicable law, including all premiums, and are provided all legally mandated benefits. Suppliers shall ensure their workers only work reasonable hours, no more than permitted by law, and are afforded appropriate periods of rest.

Suppliers shall treat their workers with dignity and respect. They shall not engage in nor support the use of corporal punishment, mental, physical, sexual or verbal abuse and shall not use cruel or abusive disciplinary practices in the workplace. They shall not engage in discrimination or unfair treatment against any worker based on their race, color, ancestry, ethnicity, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, military status or obligation to perform military service, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or genetic information.

Suppliers shall respect their workers’ right to organize, collectively bargain, join a union or trade association of their choice.

3. Health and Safety

Suppliers are expected to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their workers and minimize work hazards. Where suppliers provide accommodations to their workers, the accommodations shall be safe and sanitary.

4. Child labor and Human Trafficking

Suppliers shall not use slave, child, underage, forced, bonded, or indentured labor. Suppliers shall not engage in human trafficking. Suppliers shall eliminate those practices from their supply chains. To that end, Suppliers shall implement due diligence procedures to ensure that there is no child labor, slavery or human trafficking in any part of their supply chain.

5. Environmental Protection

Suppliers must comply with all local, regional and national environmental laws applicable to their business and must properly manage wastewater, storm water, waste, air emissions, and recyclable materials. They must handle, store, transport, and dispose of chemicals and hazardous waste responsibly.

6. Responsible Sourcing

Suppliers must ensure that no part of the goods supplied to KIK is produced using goods or labor sourced from parties subject to economic sanctions, including economic sanctions imposed by the United States, or sourced or shipped in violation of trade laws. Suppliers whose goods include Conflict Minerals (columbite-tantalitem cassiterite, gold, wolframite or their derivatives such as tantalum, tin and tungsten or other such mineral determined by the United States to be a conflict mineral) shall have in-place appropriate diligence controls over conflict minerals in their supply chain to ensure they are not directly or indirectly, finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries. Suppliers shall ensure their supply chains are not used for improper purposes, including to support smuggling, terrorism or fraud.

7. Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Suppliers shall comply with anti-corruption laws and cause their workers, directors, officers, agents or anyone else acting on their behalf not to directly or indirectly, make, promise, authorize, ratify or offer to make, or take any act in furtherance of any payment or transfer of anything of value for the purpose of influencing, inducing or rewarding any act, omission or decision to secure an improper advantage.

8. Fair Dealing

Suppliers must compete for KIK’s business fairly and solely on the basis of their value proposition.
Suppliers must not provide KIK with competitively sensitive data related to KIK’s competitors and must not share KIK’s competitive information with third parties. Suppliers have a duty to report to KIK any relationship it or their workers may have with a KIK employee that might represent a conflict of interest. Suppliers must avoid offering KIK employees travel, frequent meals or expensive gifts. Suppliers are strictly prohibited from offering cash or cash equivalents, such as gift cards to KIK employees.

9. Reporting

Suppliers shall create a mechanism by which their workers can report their concerns, anonymously and offer protection against retaliation. All employee reports must be investigated and appropriately addressed.

10. Business Records

Suppliers are expected to maintain suitably detailed business records of all matters related to their business with KIK, including their compliance with this Code of Conduct.

11. Updates to this Code of Conduct

KIK reserves the right to update this Code of Conduct from time to time, without notice. Suppliers are responsible for staying up to date on the requirements of this Code of Conduct and for complying with the same.