KIK Custom Products’ focus on safety and environmental responsibility.

We will operate our business in a safe and compliant manner. We will make continuous progress towards our goal of no safety incidents, injuries or environmental incidents. We are proud of our commitment to health and safety in the workplace, and we take seriously our responsibility to ensure that every employee returns home at the end of a work day in the same condition in which they arrived. Over the past 10 years, KIK has successfully reduced OSHA recordable injury rates by 80%.


2019 Health & Safety Achievements:

  • Achieved Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 1.6
    • Better than Industry Average Range of 2.0 – 3.1
  • Achieved Day Away, Restricted or Transfer Rate (DART) of 0.8
    • Better than Industry Average Range of 1.3 – 1.5
  • Zero Recordable Injuries
    • Auto Care: Mexico
    • Household Care: Chicago, Denver & Palm Coast
    • Pool Care: Ontario
  • Zero DART (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) Cases
    • Auto Care: Alsip, Mexico
    • Household Care: Chicago, Denver, Hampton & Palm Coast
    • Pool Care: Conyers & Ontario

Environmental & Sustainability Achievements:

  • Zero Reportable Quantity Releases throughout KIK
  • Third-party environmental compliance assessments completed at all KIK locations. Aggressive corrective actions implemented to address any non-conformances.
  • Recycled over 5,900 tons of Cardboard
  • Recycled nearly 2,300 tons of Plastic
  • Recycled nearly 750 tons of Metals
  • Completed energy saving projects resulting in a reduction in annual electricity use of nearly 650,000 kilowatt hours and an annual reduction of nearly 600 metric tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Recycled nearly 9,000 tons of cardboard, plastic and metals resulting in the elimination of 15,000 tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions and the need to harvest over 100,000 trees and use 20,000,000 kWh of electricity.
  • At the end of 2018, Greenhouse Gas emissions were 16% below the 2015 baseline year level, a decrease of nearly 30,000 M.T. of CO2eq emissions.
  • Substantial progress was made in reducing solid and chemical wastes. Overall reductions of 31% in solid wastes and 60% in chemical wastes were achieved by 2018 from the 2015 baseline, both exceeded the 25% reduction targets set for 2020.

KIK Sustainability Progress

We set ambitious reduction goals as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility. We targeted the following reductions by 2020:

  • 25% reduction in solid and chemical waste from 2015 baseline.
  • 25% reduction in water consumption and wastewater discharge from 2015 baseline.
  • 25% reduction in carbon footprint (CO2eq) from 2015 emissions.

Progress towards goals through 2018

  • Solid Waste to Landfill: 31% reduction (nearly 1,800 tons)
  • Chemical Waste: 60% reduction (over 18,000 tons)
  • Water Consumption: 40% increase (396 million gallons)
  • Wastewater Discharge: 35% increase (182 million gallons)
  • Carbon Footprint (CO2eq): 16% reduction (nearly 30,000 metric tons).

Reduce waste, pollution and carbon footprint

2018 Results:

  • Nearly 6,000 tons of cardboard collected and recycled resulting in the elimination of over 6,000 metric tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Over 1,850 tons of plastic collected and recycled resulting in the elimination of 5,800 metric tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Over 700 tons of metals collected and recycled resulting in the elimination of 3,100 metric tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Several facilities made processing changes to improve recovery and rework of spent or off-specification products. These efforts also reduced the amount of waste generated.
  • Active programs in place to recycle other potential waste streams such as glass, office paper, plastic banding, pallets, and lunchroom cans and bottles.

Reduce resource consumption

2018 Results:

  • Some locations continued to implement energy saving projects resulting in reduced electricity usage and lower Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Through improved production planning and right-first-time production, several locations continued to reduce overall waste generation.

Increase employee participation and engagement & contribute to sustainable, successful communities

KIK facilities continue to support the neighborhoods in which they operate. Following is a list of activities that occurred in 2018 at some KIK facilities.

  • “Adopted” the roads surrounding its facility and completed monthly litter and waste removal patrols.
  • Active involvement and support of local fire departments.
  • Active involvement in Local Emergency Planning Commissions.
  • Blood collection drives.
  • Donation of product to local community support agencies.
  • Food and toy collection drives.
  • Support a local child cancer organization.
  • Support of local homeless shelter.
  • Supported local United Way and Habitat for Humanity.

Toxic Reduction Act Report for KIK Rexdale and Concord plants